Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Doll time!

Hi Guys!,
The other day mom and I went to Family Dollar and I found these!
I had seen that some other girls had so I was very glad when I did!
And Apples to apples!
They're so cute!
Okay Guys I need see the picture....B,Kit and I are redoing my AG dollhouse.....
any ideas?
This is the bottom floor...
kit got her Lunch box today!!!!!!!
It's So cute!


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  1. Cool! I was going to get those and since there are 2 in each pack, keep one for me and give the other away in a giveaway on my blog! But one of the only people who follow my blog have them. :( oh well it will just attract more people and followers. But im still not sure if i want to get them. How much were they?

  2. I'm interested to hear how much the card packs were too. They are really cute.

    Love your doll house. The folks on some of those remodeling shows suggest taking everything out and starting fresh. Could work for a doll house too. Would make for a great rainy day activity.

  3. they were a dollar but I got them later at another place for 75 cents :)