Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Three more days....

Three days more!!!!
These are mostly older pictures comparing our life now and then:)

This was Five years ago Wow how we've grown!

Dog ride!
This was the other day!
This was several years ago!

A year ago....

We had SOoooooo much fun at that concert:)!
Wish we could go see them again:)
At the ball.....Hope there's another soon:)

And the beach!!!
And of course we need another quote...
Sir Percy Blakeney: Odd's fish, m'dear, the man can't even tie his own cravat.
Marguerite St. Just Blakeney: Really, Percy.  Is that all you can think about? Why aren't you the kind of man a woman can look up to, and turn to in trouble?
Sir Percy Blakeney:Trouble, m'dear? Are you... in trouble?

I gave to y'all easy today:)!


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