Monday, 26 August 2013

a little bit of everything!

One day kit was in her room...
The phone started to ring
she picked it up and
 said hello?
Ruthie: Hey Kit can you come to town with me.
Kit: sure I'd Love to.
Ruthie: don't forget we still have to take the pictures for the photo contest .
Kit: Oh yeah we need to, I'll bring my camera!
I'll meet you down the road!
Ruthie: Okay see you then.
Kit: Bye.
Ruthie: Bye. 
Kit hung up the phone.
Lets see what I need to bring....
Now is a good time to try out my new bag!

Marisa and her dolls are doing a photo contest...check out her website!
This is my violet tea set.
Grandmother gave me the tea pot last year, and mom gave me the rest this year!
The B's gave me the tea!
I found "Happy birthday Felicity" at Goodwill today!
And I also found these at Dollar General.
Sharpies and sticky notes.
1.50$ for all of them.
And I got this at Target for my AG dollhouse!
(It was in the locker decorations)
for 10.00$
Kit got a new's actually a Kinz clip, But it's almost the perfect size!

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