Monday, 19 November 2012

Mannerbee Mansion

Hello!!! my older sister gave in at last and let me have my own blog so here it goes... for those who don't know me I'm a very spunky/bossy Redhead(as you can probably guess) I live with my parents and siblings and pets:)

                                                                 There's dad
No not the cute one that's my adorable cousin (who's coming for Christmas!)
And this is that's not really what she looks like
that's better. and then there's "k-k"
isn't she crazy..... and of course I couldn't  forget  J
she's so pretty. and at last there's B-boy 
yes that's B-boy...frazy ...frazy...frazy. and there's nothing left but the pets....

to start us off I thought we would start biggest first so this is Coco

Here's My Princess Annie(in the sweater K-K made for her)
then there's the chickens but I don't have picture's so I'll just give names
Tweedy,Cookie,Bianca,Annabeth,Jane,Claire,Queenie,Sara,Satin,Jet,Elizabeth,and Marianne
that's just about it except for me!
Yup that's me
So that's it until next time